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Below are samples of recently produced projects as well as examples of Digital Visions or Design Explorations.  These provided the client's stake holders / decision makers with an understanding to the agency's direction in proposed functionality or look-and-feel, or sometimes both. The problem solving & strategic thinking, maps out long & short term goals.  




Amex Product & Services /

Amex keeps brand messaging updated and relevent. Provided visual and content updates to product & services pages.

Role: Art Direction, Visual / Ui Design



Design Direction /

The Client's new CMO's request was to provide a visual understanding of design direction— look-and-feel explorations for their firm's decision makers  â€” as part of a buy-in to a rebranding process.

Role: Art Direction, Visual / Ui / Ux Design


Customer Service Digital Tool /

A retail chain's East Coast presence moves to a National expansion. The focus wasn't on design, it was to create a long & short term digital vision through consumer's journeys along their search, decision making process, purchase to delivery.  This entailed platform, mobile, in-store experience and expanded cutomer-service digital resources & tools. 

Role: Art Direction, Visual / Ui / Ux Design


Updater - Moving Prep & Planner /

Cutomer-service digital resource & tools to prepare and plan for moving. This platform's goal is to minimize User stress, help with timing and smarter budgeting. Organinzes services, access to deals and moving schedule through a detailed timeline.

Role: Art Direction, Visual / Ui / Ux Design