I'm D. Amellio, a blend of UX & UI — Design and Direction, a native New Yorker and avid Kayaker. I create digital products to solve real-world problems and unmet needs. This can require a revolutionary overhaul or simply an evolution of existing styles to address today’s multi-platform reality.

As Experience Design lead within CX, I oversee a team of Experience & UI, Visual Designers and Art Directors in New York. More recently, I’ve have helped operationalized a cross-country studio model to better connect our remote North American creatives. ‘How Might We’ feel connected while being dispersed remotely? This was successfully achieved by working alongside discipline leads - fostering the culture and community and further cultivating an environment of co-creation and collaboration. This process ensures the work produced is meaningful and continues to drive innovation and strategic design solutions for our client and their customers.

I specialize in the design and experience of product & platform. This includes responsive or adaptive websites, native mobile and SaaS applications. Designing to stay true to the best intentions and expression of a brand’s values while leading with user-first experiences. The process entails understanding user's habits, behaviors, ethnography, competitive and comparative research, and prototyping (early and often) — which  all help to make experiences even more accessible, intuitive, and indispensable.

Experience has taught me design process requires maintaining a fine balance of user needs and business goals; the end result tells an engaging brand story the customer loves through the intersection of design, culture, and technology. Process is a wonderful journey.

For access to my blend of work or to get in touch — just say hello@darrinamellio.com