Product & Marketing
Landing Pages

Below are examples of Home Loan product, Line of Credit and a Citi Canvas program with resources and tools to connect with the freelance community.  The process is agile UX and UI, Design. All designs developed offer 1 week sprint cycles.

Role: Creative Direction, Concept, UI Design


Sales & Marketing
Interactive Touch Panels

The digital customer experience over the last decade has arguably become the most important expression of the Citi brand itself. Citibank asked to reimagine their in-branch service offering, the opportunity was seen to bring the digital customer experience to the retail environment.  
A multi-layered touch screen a marketing and sales wall is a valuable tool in helping the customer realize products and services that are available to them and helping select the one that might be right for them.

Role: Concept, Art Direction, UI Design
Design Team: Darrin Amellio, Eriko Ito


Citi Needs Analysis:
Digital Questionaire

This digital tool that helps a Branch Assistant guide the branch customer to products and or services that could help them achieving their financial goals easier.

A Conversation Starter: The Citi Needs Analysis offers the Branch Assistant a better opportunity to personally get to know their customers in a one-on-one conversation. At the same time capture valuable data, statistics and metrics used to compare products and services locally and nationwide, which could only effectively achieved through personal dialogue.

Role: Concept, Art Direction, UI Design


The Cititour
App Experience

How do you get more people on more bikes to experience more of New York than they ever imagined? Introducing Cititour. An AR concept app that invites more riders than ever to experience New York like never before. Cititour is a mobile app concept designed to increase ridership and enrich the overall experience of Citibike in NYC.

 Watch the video below for a glimpse of the CitiTour experience.

Creative / Art Direction: Darrin Amellio
Concept: Darrin Amellio / Daniel Littlewood