Conversational DS


VZ Assistant - CDS / 

Approach - Begin with a set of core customer intents the would help in defining a design system and establish reusable flow structures requiring only minor channel adaptations.
Goal - A scalable conversational design system to grow and evolve with complexity. At the core is a repository of modular, reusable content and UI elements that are universal to mobile, tablet and desktop devices. And with the guidance and guardrails to use and implement it.

Role: Design Director - Project creative oversight, UI & UX design and documentation.
Duration: 11 mos. Team: 9 creatives UX/UI


My role was Creative Lead of the Conversational Design System (CDS) for the VZ Assistant. The CDS deliverables provide a consistent language and set of conversational design and linguistic principles to ensure that user interface and experience remain consistent across VZ Assistant projects, touchpoints, and teams. It also helps to streamline workflow, as well as establish processes for managing, reviewing, and approving design updates and onboarding new team members. The CDS also includes guidelines for accessibility, usability, and scalability.

Conversational Intents: 

With the use of VZ Assistant, customers can solve for tasks or goals contextually within the Verizon assistant in simplified format and minimal friction. These goals range from purchasing or changing or editing a mobile, wireline or wifi plan, to paying bills, changing payment methods, purchase of certain products or services, store locator and etc.


Select guidelines and documentation:

It provides the additional visual design component library and specifications needed to create Assistant experiences on screens. These components are universal to mobile, tablet and desktop devices and eventually extending to TV. In addition to visual design, crafting exceptional, on-brand Verizon Assistant experiences comprises content strategy, UX writing, visual, voice and sound design. Accordingly, the Expansion Library orients and connects design teams to the complete set of tools to leverage across these disciplines.