Digital Projects / 

To keep my portfolio navigating easy — below are a collection of digital projects for various clients and agencies. These range from platforms, website landing pages, and digital applications.  My role ranged from direction & leadership, visual and ux design, problem solving & digital strategy — mapping out long & short term product design that aligns with core business goals. 




Amex Product & Services /

Amex Aquisitions Team, Creative Lead. Kept brand messaging updated and relevent. Provided visual and content updates to product & services pages. Providing ongoing insight, creative and UX solutions and value to customer and to the brand.

Role: Creative & Art Direction, Visual / Ui Design



Boat Hippo /

Boat Hippo is a community created for boat enthusiasts, by boat enthusiasts.  The platform allows boaters to easily buy, sell, and connect to what they need. Wherever they're going out on the water, they can start here.

Role: Art Direction, Visual / Ui / Ux Design
Design - Darrin Amellio & BobbiJo McCauley

Wythe Creative


Sands Capital - Site Redesign /

Working closely with the client to evolve a complete site redesign.  This custom CMS helps elevate the brands offerings and value proposition. A new branding design direction ws introduced as part of the process.

Role: Art Direction, Visual / Ui / Ux Design
Darrin Amellio: digital / Mike Lee: rebranding




ACVR - Site Redesign /
(in development)

The site redesign goal is to bring a more modern feel and to elevate the ACVR as thought leaders - educating, informing and part of a member's career growth.   This custom CMS is article and event heavy with cases studies and embedded video. A seperate Logged-In state provides a unique dashboard experience, which serves as a tool for research, learning and communicating as well as an education track.

Role:  UI / UX Design/ Information Architecture
Darrin Amellio: digital / Mike Lee



Design Direction /

Client's new CMO requested design & digital strategy exploration. Part of these deliverables were concepts of future design directions for their firm's decision makers to consider — and to serve as lead in to their buy-in of a total rebranding process.

Role: Art Direction, Visual / Ui / Ux Design


B2B Sales Rep Digital Tool /

A+B Homes is an iPad app for business to business wholesale home furnishings & decor. The app needed to have an intuitive interface that would allow the A+B Homes sales representatives to quickly search a database of multiple furniture collections as well as customer detail and order status and history. This tool created effeciency at point of purchase and reduced overall journey time.

Role: Art Direction, Visual / Ui / Ux Design





Customer Service Digital Tool /

A retail chain's East Coast presence moves to a National expansion. The focus wasn't on design, it was to create a long & short term digital vision through consumer's journeys along their search, decision making process, purchase to delivery.  This entailed platform, mobile, in-store experience and expanded cutomer-service digital resources & tools. 

Role: Art Direction, Visual / Ui / Ux Design / Ux Strategy


Updater - Moving Prep & Planner /

Cutomer-service digital resource & tools to prepare and plan for moving. This platform's goal is to minimize User stress, help with timing and smarter budgeting. Organinzes services, access to deals and moving schedule through a detailed timeline.

Role: Art Direction, Visual / Ui / Ux Design




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