Below is an assorment of personal and professional projects.

Unilever Event


This Palm Springs Event called for mutiple design and experience elements (all within a tight buget):
– This exclusive event app allowed the user to snap a photo of themselves and watch the simulated effects of sun and othe environmental damage occur to their skin. The User visualized the benefits of proactive skin care though applying Unilever rejuvenating products to their virtual face.
– Thermal paper innovation to emphasize the event's theme—Feel.
– A customized box of purposeful swag given to the event's attendees.
– An 84 page companion book was created to outline the event and highlight brand innovation

Role: Direction, Concepting. Design, Ui. Experiential. Prototyping
Design: Darrin Amellio, Daniel Littlewood



Social Messaging

Two series of posters (not all displayed) which make observations of the cause and effects of online social behaviour. Included also is a poster that honors the rememberance of Hiroshima 65 years later.





(Sustainable Housing Emergency Deployment) Branding and Identity of architectual design and fabrication start-up, focusing on sustainable innovative light-weight modular housing. The logo — icon was to created to be highly recognizable and related to a known symbol for providing aide and could be easily understood by an international community.

Role: Design Corporate I.D., Branding & Style Guidelines, and Supporting Graphics

ReVision Arts

ReVision Arts Design System. Exhibiton Posters, Publication and Promotional Items

Design: Darrin Amellio, Daniel Littlewood

Printing Process Booklet Cover Design

Modern print production guide booklet cover design. A quick turn-around which made use of overlay colors, KOs and gradients.