SK8AR App is currently in development for the skateboarding community, launching first on iOS & Android soon to follow. It allows the skating community to connect, challenge, and compete with one another in a real life setting.

SK8AR App maps your location and the location of your friends. Spots are displayed as thumbnails, indicating how far that spot is. Checking into spots, participating Brand Challenges, Skate-Offs, or having the skills to become a top voted skater at a spot earns a Skater Credits, basically for doing what skaters love and already do.

Role: Concept, Art Direction, UI Design / UX
Design Team: Darrin Amellio, D. Littlewood, T. Pregiato




Skate + Challenge = Points
Points = Free Stuff & Discounted Gear

By building a community, SK8AR APP offers brands direct access to their audience and provide incentives through the app for making purchases.

Shop holds items that can be purchased from accrued points, from doing what they love most and purchase incentives on gear they will typically purchase.



Vote It Up

See what’s rad or completely a bust in your community or globally. Voting it up or down gives Skaters rank.
Besides getting recognition amongst other skaters, it gets them noticed for team recruitment and sponsorships.