Sy, an ios app helps provide others with an incentive to change for the better.

Role: Creative Lead - UX / UI designer
Team: Darrin Amellio UX/UI,
Rahul Alexander UX
Illustration: Nisso






Sy app helps individuals shift their habits and create a pattern of behavior that fosters more trust and connection, as well as general wellness.

Invite friends, family members, or colleagues to make a promise and commit a reward, which is given once they achieve their goal. The reward can be monetary or one that's an exchange — such as a backrub, or a dinner out, or simply a hiptster coffee. Creating and making commitments with Sy, users can all make microsteps to improve their close relationships. 

Built to fuel trust and open communication. Sy was created to reshape habits and build new behaviors within our relationships, and reward each other in the process.